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Infothai CM Co., Ltd. brings you the Best on the Web about Thailand from the largest Web page provider in north Thailand. A full service Web publisher with computer hardware in the USA and the fastest communications links to the Internet, Infothai CM Co., Ltd. quickly and reliably delivers your message to the world.

To reach the critical American and European Internet users, our USA-based Web Server is the best solution for your business or service. Please see our detailed discussion about why our Web Server implementation is superior to those outside the USA.

We can put your Web pages on the Internet in a matter of hours or days, by creating your pages for you, or put your existing information into your Web pages, or simply use your existing Web pages. Our prices depend upon the work done, but they are the most attractive in Thailand.

We also will submit your pages with virtually all search engines and directories, ensuring that our customers have high visibility on the Web. See our list of services for all that we can do for you.

Our service does not stop after your Web site is active. We promote our customers in the many forums on the Internet, such as news groups, E-mail, and our popular Travel Help service. No wonder we are called the best.

We can publish information about your business or service in Thailand. Please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

All business with Infothai CM Co., Ltd. is subject to our standard Terms and Conditions.

You can contact us at:

Infothai CM Co., Ltd.
299/50 Moo 5
Tasala, Muang
Chiangmai Thailand

Voice/Fax: (66-53) 248 859
E-mail: sales@infothai.com

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