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Web Site Hosting and Creation

Infothai CM Co., Ltd. provides Web site hosting and creation services to companies around the world. We can create your site from your existing brochure and photographs or can develop a complete concept for you.

We host sites ranging from a single page to thousands of pages. We have several different accounts to best service your needs. All accounts feature unlimited data transfers, so there is never a surcharge for being a popular site, and we always publicize your site to the search engines, directories, and link sites.

Summary of Account Features
Account Storage
Own Site
Standard 100
Yes 10 Unlimited Optional Optional Yes
Silver 1,000



Unlimited Required Optional Yes
Gold 6,000
Yes Any Unlimited Required Optional Yes
Platinum 30,000
Yes Any Unlimited Required Optional Yes

All accounts have several features that can be accessed by a web browser from any computer:

  • online web access statistics
  • webmail
  • online control panel

Site Names

Web sites can have two styles of names. For all Standard Accounts and for Silver Accounts without their own "Domain Name," your Web site will be accessed by a name like the following:


If you want your own Domain Name (and assuming that the name you want is not already being used by someone else), your Web site will be accessed by a name like the following:


We generally recommend that larger companies and companies needing name recognition obtain their own Domain Name. The process is quite simple, takes only few days, and is well worth the expense. All domain name registration services performed by Infothai are subject to the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy and the Domain Name Registration Agreement. A plain language explanation of the "Registrants Rights and Responsibilities" is also available.

Detailed List of Services



Account Setup
This is a onetime activity to establish, promote, and verify the account pages. We transfer the pages to the Infothai CM Co., Ltd. Web Server and submit your pages to our standard list of the most popular search engines and directories. We also individually verify the proper operation of each page.
Web Page
Use your existing materials (text, photographs, images) to create a web page, including on-page or off-page links, E-mail links. Tables and/or forms may be included, as described below.
We can develop a data entry form for your data. All forms result in E-mail of the data entered into the form.
We can create tables of your data, such as the one above showing account features. This is an excellent way to present some types of information.
Set up
Shopping Cart
Create and prepare for operation an online shopping cart. This is an interactive software package which stores items for sale or presentation in a database, and allows searching, display, and ordering of these items. Integration with an online payment gateway is optional.
Add item to database
Add a new item to the database. Depending upon the shopping cart being used, it may be possible for this step to be done by the customer. Typical information required for each item includes: model/part number, description, photograph, price, weight.
Image scan Scan one image from existing artwork, photographic print, or other hard copy source. Maximum image size is A4. We also do digital touch up, resizing, cropping, and other image processing necessary to prepare image for the Web.
Text scan Scan a hard copy sheet and extract the text information from it. The maximum image size is A4. The resulting text is corrected by using a standard spelling checker.
Oversize image creation from multiple scans We can create a single image from oversize artwork, etc. This is done by scanning the original artwork in sections and then electronically joining the separate scans.
Domain Name Registration We use state-of-the-art domain name registration tools to set up and maintain your ".com", ".net", and ".org" domain names. We also can coordinate country- specific domain names, such as ".co.th".
Web site promotion This service is included for all new accounts, but we can perform this service for anyone. Your web page will be submitted to the latest list of search engines, directories, and link sites.
Custom CGI programming Infothai is very experienced in CGI programming. We can create, install, or upgrade your CGI program. Many of our larger customers use custom program created especially for them by Infothai.
Net searches Search the World Wide Web for client-specified information, such as competitor's pages or sites suitable for mutual hot links.


1. Basic Web pages prices assume that the client provides all required information as computer files on DOS 3.5 inch floppy disks. If the text or image files do not exist, we can scan text or images (for a charge) to produce the required files.
2. We routinely accept the following file formats for textual information: Word, PageMaker, and DOS text files. Please inquire if you have other formats - we may be able to support them as well.
3. We routinely accept the following file formats for images and logos: GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, and WMF. We can process many other formats as well.

If you have questions, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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