The Overwhelming
Advantages of a
USA-based Web Server

To be successful, a Web server must be affordable to the clients and pleasing to the readers. If a Web page is quickly and reliably delivered to the readers, the readers are pleased and are want to stay longer and read more of the clients message. Slow delivery causes readers to give up and go elsewhere.

If you put your information on the wrong server, you may be wasting your time and money, since your potential viewers and customers will not wait around to see your message. At Infothai CM Co., Ltd., we understand this problem and have provided an excellent solution by putting our Web server in the USA.

In this information age, your Web pages can reside anywhere, but where you put them can greatly affect your costs and performance. To avoid the high costs and lower performance of the typical Thailand and other Southeast Asian systems, the Bangkok Post and other organizations have copied the Infothai CM Co., Ltd. solution and moved to a USA-based Web server.

If you like all the technical details, here are the reasons why the Infothai CM Co., Ltd. solution is the right one for you.

The Internet "backbone" is located in the USA - this is the communications network over which almost all Internet communications pass. Virtually all communications between Thailand and the rest of the world pass over this Internet backbone. With Infothai CM Co., Ltd., our server is already in the USA and is therefore already located close to the Internet backup. The result: faster delivery of your Web pages to your viewers.


Web page delivery time partly depends on the communications path between the server and the viewer. The slowest segment of the path determines the speed of the connection, and each step in the connection (i.e., each satellite hop, each telephone company, each cable connection) will further slow the connection. The quickest delivery occurs when the server and viewer are "close" in the communications sense, and this is done by locating the server where the communications paths are fast and few. Again, the best choice is to do what we have already done and put the server in the USA.


For most businesses, the primary audience for their Web pages are the more affluent Internet users and the international companies that use the Internet . With over 90% of all Internet users being located in North America and Europe, a USA-based Web server is ideally located to serve the largest number of Internet users.


Because computer and communications costs in the USA are the lowest in the world, a USA-based based Web server costs the least in the world. Our clients know this, because Infothai CM Co., Ltd. has the most attractive price/performance combination in Thailand.


Our Web Server has multiple connections. A Failure in one connection will not shut down the Infothai web server. The total transfer capacity is in thousands of missions of bits per second ! And all of it is dedicated to delivering your data to the Internet: Web data, email data, file transferfers, etc.. In fact, our Web server complex has far more Internet capacity than all of Thailand put together! With this high performance communications environment, your Web data reaches viewers fast.

Conclusion: Once you have decided to put your information on the Internet, you still must choose the right Web server to host your information. At Infothai CM Co., Ltd., we make that choice simple by providing a first class technical solution at very attractive prices, and then back it with superior service.

Still have questions? Please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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